COVID-19 Immunology Dr. Peter Katsikis

Patient sample processing

The immunology group of Prof. Peter Katsikis, department of Immunology, participates in the clinical trial by performing all the patient and donor sample processing and storage. All serum, plasma and peripheral blood cells isolated from the patients and donors are processed by a team of dedicated workers that are available at any time of the day handle patient samples as they come in. All samples are processed and stored in Immunology. Collection of these samples is coordinated with the clinical team of the CONCOVID trial.

Immunology research

The immunology research group will analyze immune responses in COVID-19 patients and donors, perform multicolor flow cytometry and analyze serum to understand how patients respond to the virus, whether all or only some patients make efficient memory against the virus and whether inflammation can predict the severity of disease in COVID-19 patients and suggest treatments. These analyses will also help us understand which patients benefit from convP treatment.

SARS-CoV-2 Immunology Dr. Peter Katsikis
COVID-19 Dr. Katsikis Immunology Erasmus MC
SARS-CoV-2 Dr. Katsikis Immunology Research Erasmus MC

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